Universe at War: Earth Assault - field guide


The Masari are an ancient race that created the Heirarchy thousands of years ago, only to be driven nearly to extinction when their creations revolted against them. They’re a more balanced force than the other two sides, with neither disposable units nor super units. The Disciple rocket infantry pack a punch and can attack both air and ground targets - in groups, they can be highly effective against most targets. Several varieties of war chariot tanks, the strongest of which, the Peacebringer, comes equipped with a tractor beam to slow down enemies and is extremely deadly against both ground and air targets.

The Masari do not collect resources from the map like the other two races. Instead, they construct Matter Engine structures that generate infinite resources at a steady rate. The catch: the MEs are extremely volatile, and can cause a lot of damage to surrounding structures and units if destroyed. Placing MEs is crucial, because they need to be close enough to defend, but not so close that your entire base goes up if one is destroyed. With the right upgrades, however, MEs can be set to self-destruct, turning them into the world’s biggest landmines.

But perhaps the Masari’s greatest asset is their ability to switch between light and dark modes. In light mode, their units move quickly and hit hard. In dark mode, all units and structures generate dark matter armor, adding an extra layer of durability. The drawback: all flying units are grounded, and their weapon power is diminished.