Universe at War: Earth Assault - field guide


The Novus are a race of mass-produced machines that rely on speed and strength in numbers. Their cheap and disposable Ohm Bot light infantry units can serve as cannon fodder, or fling themselves onto enemy vehicles and self-destruct. They also use some heavier vehicles. Notably the Field Inverter, which fires a powerful rail gun in offensive mode and erects a shield dome in defensive mode, and the Amplifier, which focuses a sonic beam on a target and intensifies the longer the beam is active, or can radiate a pulse that repulses infantry and deals massive damage to nearby structures. Amplifiers are a great weapon to assault incoming Hierarchy walkers.

The Novus network of towers not only supplies their base structures with energy to keep them running, but also enables their units to transmit themselves from one end to the other at lighting-quick speeds, a technique called “flowing.” Because the towers are cloaked, a sneaky Novus player can build a network allowing them to move large groups of units straight from his base to the enemy’s front door, collect resources from anywhere on the map, defend large areas with a limited number of defenders, or make a stealthy escape if their base is overrun.