Universe at War: Earth Assault announced

Sega just dropped us a line about an ensuing battle that makes ourpiddly Middle Eastern flare ups look like sissy slap-fights. Lucky for gamers, bad for the cosmos, Universe at War: Earth Assault is exactly what it sounds like: Epic Galactic Warfare.

This combat intensive real-time strategy game's most noteworthy feature is the Tactical Dynamics system, allowing players the ability to customize and retrain troops in the midst of battle. If this combat intensive offering hasn't already grabbed the attention of RTS fans, we should probably mention that some developer Petroglyph's team members are thepeeps behind the better games in the Command and Conquer series. Not too shabby, Spaceman Spiff.

Set in theuncomfortably closeyear of 2012, Universe at War promises an engaging science fiction yarn in addition to its innovative gameplay. We can only hope it doesn't bring about the destruction of your universe, because as they sing about in our intergalactic granola-and-guitar circles: it's the only one we've got, man.

You canshoot over herefor the official news, or click the above Images tab above to take in today's screens.

February 2, 2007