Universal has Second Sight

Hollywood has returned to an old favourite source of product to tap it seems: British TV series. Not content with converting shows wholesale for the American market, the studios are revisiting the old trick of turning series like State Of Play into movies.

The latest to get snapped up is Second Sight, the 1999 detective series that gave Clive Owen’s career a much-needed boost. It featured him as plain clothes copper Ross Tanner, commander of a top-notch murder squad who is suffering from a rare degenerative blindness that gives him insightful hallucinations.

Craig Rosenberg will adapt the script for Universal, though nothing is yet known about the final film, or even if Owen will be interested in starring. That said, the movie is being produced by Shoot ‘Em Up’s Don Murphy, so maybe he can tempt the actor back… Variety is having its eyesight checked .