Unfinished Swan studio announces new game

The studio behind The Unfinished Swan has announced that it’s currently working on its next game.

Aside from a piece of concept art and references to “surreal experiences” and “evoking a sense of discovery”, Giant Sparrow offered few clues about the nature of the title.

It didn’t provide a release window or target platforms, but given that the studio has signed an ”incubation deal” with Sony the game will almost certainly be exclusive to PlayStation systems. In addition to giving Giant Sparrow funding, Sony also provides the company with office space, equipment and advice.

Giant Sparrow said on its website: “When you make games about evoking a sense of discovery and wonder the publicity part of it is a little tricky. If we don’t say anything then no one knows the game exists, but if we talk about it too much then no one is going to be surprised when they actually play it.

“That’s why for our next game we’re going to start talking about it early but in broad strokes. Our last game took us a little over 3 years to make so as you can imagine we’re still in a very early phase on this new one. We’re pretty excited about it though and wanted to share some of that enthusiasm along with a piece of concept art (see above).

“Mostly, we just wanted to answer all the fans who have been asking us if we’re working on anything new. The answer is 'yes,' by the way. The working title is 'Unannounced Giant Sparrow Project' and there’s no release date or platforms announced.”

The first game to emerge from Giant Sparrow’s partnership with Sony was The Unfinished Swan, a single player, first person PSN title in which players throw paint at white spaces to expose and explore the world around them. For more on the game, check out our The Unfinished Swan review.