"Undisclosed" Rockstar VR game leaks via actor's resume

Trevor, Michael, and Franklin in GTA 5
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar might have an unannounced VR game in the works, according to an entry on a voice actor's resume.

As first dug up by ResetEra users, actor Michael Ursu has quite the intriguing detail on his resume. Under the 'VR' section of his resume, where Ursu has worked on an 'Elton John VR Promo,' of all things, the actor also lists an 'Undisclosed Rockstar Game' on his resume.

Oh, and Ursu has also apparently acted on two more undisclosed video games: a new Borderlands game, and a new game from Genshin Impact developer MiHoyo. If Ursu wasn't already in line for a rap on the knuckles from Rockstar for this detail, he's probably in line for a stern word from MiYoho and Gearbox.

It's the Rockstar listing that's obviously the most intriguing of Ursu's projects here, though. From this little detail, we know that Rockstar is working on something that isn't explicitly GTA 6, which has been in the works for a number of years now after it was originally announced in February 2022.

This VR game wouldn't be the first time Rockstar has delved into VR - the developer previously producer the LA Noire VR spin-off for PSVR a few years ago, letting users literally step into the world of the detective game to crack a few new cases.

Just earlier this year in May, Rockstar's owned hinted at a potential 2024 launch for GTA 6. It's strange to think that after so many hours shrouded in mystery, with various conflicting reports over the nature of the game itself, Rockstar's next GTA game might be just around the corner from reveal and release.

Microsoft also thinks GTA 6 is launching next year in 2024, if you want the thinking of a leading company.

Hirun Cryer

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