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Undertale player beats the game with a steering wheel

(Image credit: Toby Fox)

Did you know you could beat Undertale with a steering wheel? Steering wheel speedrunner and Twitch streamer, Nikoheart does, because he just pulled it off in what he's calling a world first.

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It took Nikoheart around 19 hours spread out across two streams in order to beat the RPG title with the steering wheel controller - and it's hilarious to watch him pull it off, not only because of how violently he turns the wheel, but because of the googly eyes he has installed on it. Nikoheart estimates he died 311 times on the Sans final boss battle, which you encounter if you take the Genocide Route, one of three main Undertale endings. The decision to do the Genocide Route on a steering wheel was met with disbelief from Nikoheart's Discord group, as he shared on Twitter just before he pulled off the impressive feat. 

It's unclear if Nikoheart was inspired by Undertale launching on Xbox Game Pass last month, or if this Reddit thread wondering if anyone has beaten Undertale with a steering wheel controller served as inspiration (I'm a fan of the "WWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTT" response to such a question). The Xbox version has some Xbox-specific exclusive content, including a shrine that players were instructed to look out for in the Xbox Wire announcement. 

We love video game feats with improper controllers, like a Call of Duty: Warzone player using baguettes in the battle royale, or beating Hades with a Pomegranate - which were both pulled off by known controller-hacker, Rudeism.

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