Undertale launches on Xbox Game Pass this week with exclusive content

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Over five years on from its initial launch, Undertale is making its way to Xbox One and Xbox Series X via Game Pass on Tuesday, March 16, Microsoft has announced.

Like the PlayStation and Switch versions, it's been confirmed that the Xbox version of Undertale comes with its own set of exclusive content, which is a bit of a double-edged blade if you've got Undertale save files on PC and you'd like to continue your progress on Xbox. Because the Xbox version has content you can't get on PC, you won't be able to transfer your saves from PC to Xbox or vice-versa.

"While the Xbox version provides for a largely similar experience, there are a few Xbox-specific enhancements designed to make for a more comfortable time for those playing on a home console," 8-4's John Ricciardi writes on Xbox Wire. "Because of these, progress and save data between the two versions are unfortunately not compatible. But this also means that, similar to previous console releases, the Xbox version features its own little…shrine, one might say…of exclusive content to look out for."

The different versions of Undertale are largely the same game but with a few minor differences. For example, the PlayStation version has an extra area called the Dog Shrine where you can unlock many of the game's trophies, while the Switch version includes a different version of the Dog Shrine where you encounter an exclusive boss fight with Mad Mew Mew. The trailer up top suggests the Xbox version will have a new song, and it's possible it'll have its own version of the Dog Shrine.

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