Uncovering The Crossing

The Crossing, the innovation-promising, shrouded-in-mystery shooter from Dark Messiah creator Arkane, will take place in a gloomy futuristic Paris, where the country's government has fallen and the population is in anarchy.

That's according to French videogame website Jeux-France.com, which has used its geographical advantage to hunt down Arkane Studios' Lyon-based headquarters and tease out the first plot details.

Above: The first artwork released for The Crossing offers a glimpse of Parisian splendor

Our knowledge of French may be lacking, but the Babelfish translation indicates that we'll see non-human aggressors making an appearance in this futuro-Euro world. Meanwhile The Crossing 's mystifying "crossplay" element will see players choose between either human or "repugnant creature" characters to control during the game's adventurous story.

There's no info on how many people can play at once, though - will it be MMO-style? Or simply two-player? And, either way, how will a long-running, many-houred story progress if people are logging on and off? Or will it focus on short, episodic-style plot developments? We don't have the answers yet, but we'll be giving Arkane a grilling very soon.

January 16, 2007