Uncharted on NGP: why it's not being made by Naughty Dog (no, it's not because they're lazy b*stards)

In a perfect world Saturdays would last for 72 hours, scoffing cheeseburgers would give you heat vision and Naughty Dog would be developing the new Uncharted for Sony’s NGP. Unfortunately, we exist in a world where Monday mornings last precisely half a millennium, burgers lead to coronary bypasses and Drake’s portable adventure is being handled by Sony’s Bend studio. Fret not, though, as the internal SCE team has plenty of experience working on PSP.

But why isn’t Naughty Dog handling the development duties itself, we hear you ask. Well, it’s simply because it’s got a policy of only making one game at a time. Community Strategist Arne Meyer explained the situation at an event in London recently: “We’re a one game studio so it would be very challenging for us,” he commented on the upcoming NGP title.

He continued: “I know a long time ago we had looked at trying to do that as well, but it’s really about what makes sense for the universe and for the franchise as well.”

Don’t go spilling any salty tears just yet, though, gentle reader. Sony Bend has made all the critically acclaimed Syphon Filter games on PSP, so they’re well versed in squeezing the most out of a handheld system to deliver exciting, technically impressive action games.

Above: An example of Bend's fine portable work

The studio certainly has the support of Arne. “Sony Bend’s a great studio, we have a great relationship with them, so it’s really exciting to see a new platform and see what they can do with it given all of the new control options they’ve got as well” he remarked.

Personally, we’ve got everyfaith Uncharted on the upcoming handheld can be a success, even without Naughty Dog. And lets be honest, would you really want the developer’s time taken up with anything that pulled it away from Drake’s Deception?


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Feb 9, 2011

David Meikleham
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