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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - hands-on

With a little bit of hard work, you'll soon bound along tricky sections in almost one motion without pausing, and the same goes for ducking in and out of cover and somersaulting to new cover positions. The animation is so slick and fluid you could almost be watching real actors. Perhaps the best thing about Uncharted is the way that the gunplay is kept separate from the platforming and puzzles; this keeps the pace of the game just right and ensures that neither side of each mechanic gets too frustrating.

We've only played Uncharted briefly, so we've yet to sample the vehicular combat, co-op sections featuring various allies, as well as levels set away from the jungle. We can only imagine the plot twists unfolding over 12 hours of gameplay. Intrigued? Keep 'em peeled for our review.