Ultra Street Fighter IV brings five new characters in early 2014

Evo's over, but the next battle is coming in early 2014. Capcom revealed Ultra Street Fighter IV on Sunday, the next update to its flagship fighting game series which adds five new challengers, six new stages, and more balance changes than you can shake a riding crop at.

Speaking of riding crops, Ultra Street Fighter IV will see the first main series appearance of thug-turned-wrestling manager Poison. Her main client-the-giant Hugo, capoeira practitioner Elena, and special forces staff fighter Rolento will also appear. The final character--who will bring the roster up to 44 contenders--remains a secret for now.

Capcom will offer Ultra as a downloadable update for owners of Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for $15. It will also come on a standalone retail disc for $40, along with all currently available DLC costumes and unspecified future content.

Check out this post on Capcom Unity if you want a peek at some of the buffs and nerfs headed for your favorite characters.

Connor Sheridan

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