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Xbox mini-fridge pre-orders go live and pretty much sell out instantly

The XSX mini fridge is nearly here
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox mini-fridge pre-orders have already sold out at various retailers across the UK and US.

The Xbox-themed mini-fridge - which went up for pre-order today - has already sold out at both Target and Game. All pre-orders began at 6am PT/ 2pm BST / 9am ET and stores had already run out of stock by half-past.  

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Coming in at $99.99/£89.99 respectively, the Xbox mini fridge is designed to look just like an Xbox Series X console, however rather than playing games on it - fans can instead store up to 12 cans of their favorite drink. It also comes with two small removable shelves, which are perfect to store your gaming snack of choice in too.

The fridge also features LEDs in the front and top of the fridge to make it resemble the Xbox Series X even more. Not only this but it also has a USB port for you to charge your phone or Xbox controllers on. Unfortunately, as one Twitter user reported, some people have already begun putting the fridge up on eBay for ridiculous money.

If you missed out this time, don’t worry too much. Microsoft has said that it is "working to bring the Xbox Mini Fridge to as many fans as possible" and is planning to "continue to expand regional availability in 2022." Looks like the Xbox Series X isn’t the only hard to come by Xbox product anymore.

The idea for an Xbox mini-fridge all started last October with rapper Snoop Dog who shared a video of himself opening the fridge before it was swiftly deleted. A few days later there was a giveaway that Xbox held which promised the winner a one-of-a-kind mini-fridge. A few days after this, Xbox put out a poll which resulted in the company deciding to make the fridges available to the general public too.

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