Check out Snoop Dogg's Xbox Series X fridge

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Snoop Dogg has a full-size Xbox Series X fridge with an Xbox Series X cake and the actual console inside, and I'm filing this neatly under 'things I didn't expect to see in 2020.'

The rapper took to Instagram to share a video of him opening the fridge, examining its contents, and then turning the camera on himself revealing some Xbox bling. Curiously, the video was quickly deleted, likely because there's some sort of partnership under embargo. But as both parties are all too aware, the internet never blinks, especially when you've got Twitter sleuth Wario64 on the prowl.

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It isn't clear what Snoop Dogg and Microsoft are up to, but it's almost certain that they're working together on something; an ad campaign, giveaway, or even a longer-term partnership akin to Travis Scott's "creative collaboration" with Sony to promote PS5. For what it's worth, Snoop recently celebrated his 49th birthday, which explains the cake, but I highly doubt that's the full extent of the situation. The glowing green stage in the video definitely points to some sort of commercial, which could've been shot today. Whatever's going on, we're sure to find out pretty soon.

Snoop's not the only one with a next-gen Xbox in his hands - Microsoft sent a number of consoles out to media outlets recently, and we were lucky enough to receive one. Do check out our Xbox Series X hands-on impressions for a detailed account of our experience, which goes over the controller, UI, backwards compatibility, Xbox Series X-optimized games, and more.

If you haven't managed to secure one yet, keep an eye on our guide to Xbox Series X pre-orders and dream of the Xbox Series X launch games you'll soon be playing.

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