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Xbox Game Pass added over $6,300 worth of games in 2021 according to a new report

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Xbox Game Pass added over $6,300 worth of new games in 2021, a new report claims.

The new information comes from The Loadout, which has calculated the value of every Xbox Game Pass addition for both PC and console alike over the course of 2021. Apparently, the grand total of games added to Xbox Game Pass in 2021 is $6,317/£4,780, when calculated through game listings on the Microsoft/Xbox storefronts.

Additionally, the report has even been able to pinpoint the best month for value in terms of additions for Xbox Game Pass users. It might not come as a huge surprise to learn that it was in March 2021 that Xbox added the biggest number of games in terms of value to the subscription service, with the acquisition of Bethesda Game Studios combining for a massive $964.67 in March alone.

It's an excellent look at just how good a deal Xbox Game Pass is in terms of pure value for money. In its most expensive instance, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would cost someone a maximum of $119.88 across an entire year. Weighed against the value of $6,317 in terms of games added over 2021 (not even counting the games that were already on offer prior), that's one hell of great deal.

Over just the last few weeks, Xbox Game Pass has seen some pretty stellar additions to its offerings. We've had the likes of Halo Infinite launching earlier this month through the subscription service, as well as beloved farming sim Stardew Valley, and stellar co-op game It Takes Two joined the roster last month in November alongside the remastered version of GTA San Andreas. 

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