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"Wow. Just f***ing wow." – The internet reacts to Star Trek Discovery episode 12

Star Trek Discovery continues to be one of the most engaging shows going right now. The giant watercooler that is the internet keeps bubbling over with discussion, ‘Did you see that?’ moments and even some reactions that, if you aren’t watching already, will make you want to binge like there’s no tomorrow. That’s without mentioning that twist… Here are the best reactions to the latest episode.

BIG spoilers for Star Trek Discovery episode 12 follow. You have been warned.

Mirror Lorca

Did you see it coming? I didn’t, that’s for sure. The episode teased a few things early on – Lorca referring to Michael as ‘You’ was a little weird in hindsight – but the 36-minute episode, while slightly shorter than most would want, ended with a bang that will reverberate for some time to come. Oh and Mirror Lorca and Mirror Burnham are an item. Ugh.

Paul is a fun guy

Well, one Paul is at least. The Mirror Stamets, who we got to meet properly this week, probably has a few spore jump-themed tricks up his sleeve. Still, at least our Paul got to have a proper goodbye with his good doctor. D’aww.

Voq? Ash? Voq? Ash...?

Which is it? Not gonna lie, I’m a little confused. As it turns out, so is half of the internet – so that’s reassuring. L’Rell seemed none too happy with how her planned surgery went down though. Ash is still there, though. That’s something to Klingon to, right?

Discovery's Dany

Giving the Mother of Dragons etc etc etc a run for her money in this episode was Emperor Georgiou. Not only does she get a roll call of honours to make Dany’s look positively rubbish, she also took out half-a-dozen people in one go. Killer. That’s without even mentioning, in the Mirror Universe, she takes Sarek’s role as adoptive parent.

Ganglia on toast, anyone?

Though the episode, rightly, focused on the breakdown in relationships and who is who, we  also got some levity. By levity I, of course, mean Michael chowing down on some fear ganglia. Mmm, chewy.

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