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Wolverine 2 is given official title The Wolverine


Darren Aronofsky has revealed the official title for Wolverine’s second solo cinematic outing will be The Wolverine.

It’s further proof that Hollywood really hates numbers in sequel titles (just look at Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol ). But could it also hint that this sequel will be pressing the reboot button?

Previously, Marvel did a similar thing with The Incredible Hulk , which sought to rethink the movie franchise after Ang Lee’s Hulk went down like a tsunami with most cinema-goers.

And with X-Men Origins: Wolverine possessing its fair share of critics, it’s easy to see why a sequel would want to distance itself from its predecessor – even if it's still got the same leading man.

Aronofsky himself has said that The Wolverine will be a “one off” adventure and “very different” from the first film – which seems in keeping with that reboot theory.

Meanwhile, aiding the Black Swan director behind the camera will be cinematographer Matthew Libatique, who's previously worked with Jon Favreau on both Iron Man movies and Cowboys & Aliens .

Those fears for Wolverine’s future are quickly melting away…

The Wolverine opens in 2012.