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Wii U release date 'around November' says Ubisoft developer (who is probably wishing he hadn't)

A Ubisoft Montpellier employee has all but confirmed our suspicions that Wii U will be launched this November, according to an interview at E3. David Martinez, engine architect on Rayman Legends, first confirms that the game will launch with the new machine, and then (after speaking to his colleague and apparently ignoring his advice to suggest the interviewer speaks to a Nintendo rep), offers that he thinks the machine is coming out in November. Hear it for yourself here:

It does tie in with previous retail leaks and the fact that there are only so many months left in the 2012 launch period that Nintendo itself previously specified. But we do feel sorry for David here. You can see the tension in his cheeks after saying it. But cheek tension's probably the least of his worries right now.

Source: Gamexplain

Justin Towell
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