Wii U games and console review

Scribblenauts Unlimited

From the review: “Scribblenauts Unlimited is easily the best entry in the series to date, thanks to its family-friendly nature coupled with creative, wide-open gameplay. A clever toy or a focused open world adventure depending on how you want to enjoy the game, it’s an impressive first effort from 5th Cell on the Wii U.”

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Sing Party

From the review: “For living room loners, Sing Party might not seem worth a fuss, as the solo play more or less maintains what we've seen in earlier crooning affairs. But for those willing to command a room, the little nudges offered towards group interaction are a welcome addition--optional as they may be--and the interplay between the GamePad and the TV makes a faded genre feel just a bit more vibrant.”

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Skylanders: Giants

From the review: “Skylanders Giants is essentially more of the same. Developer Toys for Bob has added more characters, collectibles, and mini games to the already solid offering of the original title, but if you were expecting the giants themselves to make a significant impact on the gameplay, you might be a little disappointed. Still, the lengthy campaign is fun while it lasts, and gathering Soul Gems, leveling up your figures, and grabbing hats is as addictive as ever.”

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Tank! Tank! Tank!

From the review: “Ultimately, Tank! Tank! Tank! is a fun little diversion. Solo gamers will find very little in the campaign to keep them interested for long, but the title is at its best when you’re playing it with friends. If you can pick it up at a discount, and can round up a couple of people together for a gaming session, you’ll be in for a riotous time, but there are better options on the system to get your multiplayer fix.”

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

From the review: “The Wii U Edition’s new modes are more “goofy entertainment” than “substantial content.” But without them, the game’s still great--so you should look at these rowdy wranglings as icing on the Tekken cake. If you skipped TTT2 on other consoles and enjoy 3D arcade punch-ups, this is currently your best Wii U bet.”

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Transformers Prime

From the review: “Young gamers, especially those who enjoy the Transformers Prime cartoon, will find a lot to like in this Wii U adaptation, but everyone else will be put off by its simple gameplay and lack of content. The combat is surprisingly fun, but it’s wrapped up in a repetitive campaign that doesn’t offer enough variety to sustain most gamers’ interest. There are flashes of potential here, particularly in the care that NowPro took in replicating the feel of the show, but as it stands, Transformers Prime is an introductory beat-‘em-up for gamers too young to play something like Batman: Arkham City.”

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From the review: “ZombiU’s complete and utter dedication to creating a tense, realistic zombie survival game can be problematic, and it’s often at odds with itself. Despite this, the game successfully proves that horror games can be enhanced by the Wii U’s GamePad, and does a great job at showing how the new controller can create an incredibly immersive experience.”

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