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Video of Resident Evil's Leon S Kennedy posted online

How do you show the world what one of Resident Evil 's fan-favourite characters will look like? If you're Milla Jovovich, you post a video online and caption it with some Twitter speak.

“So here's a vid of our gorgeous, awesome boys! Johann Urb as Leon n @boriskodjoe as Luther! Njoy!”

Jovovich shot the video herself and it once again shows the Resident Evil: Retribution set to be a pretty friendly, chilled out place.

Less friendly were some of her followers, who moaned about her on-set spoilers.

“Awww! But u can c Leon's costume in the game so I'm not really spoiling anything! I won't show Jill Valentine tho! Lol!” she responded, adding “Jill's costume is too cool 2 show!”