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True Blood: Vote For Your Favourite Episodes

It’s time for another votestorm, and this time we want to know your favourite installments of everybody’s favourite steamy vampire sex’n’bloodfest

Listen up, fangbangers! For a forthcoming SFX feature about the world’s favourite vampire show we want to know YOUR favourite episodes. Simply vote for your top three and over three weeks we’ll tot up your votes to reveal your ten favourite episodes of the hit HBO show. We’d also like to know what you think is the WORST episode, so tell us that too. Closing date is 6 December.

So what we need from you is your list of three favourite episodes – which you can vote for using the poll below – plus your least favourite episode, which you can either post in the comments section below, or in this thread in the SFX forum.

And if you like True Blood , listen out for a very exciting SFX announcement in the not-too-distant future…

And in case you’re having trouble remember what happened in which episode you can click on the links at the bottom of this page for a reminder.

Episode 1.01 Strange Love
Episode 1.02 The First Taste
Episode 1.03 Mine
Episode 1.04 Escape from Dragon House
Episode 1.05 Sparks Fly Out
Episode 1.06 Cold Ground
Episode 1.07 Burning House Of Love
Episode 1.08 The Fourth Man In The Fire
Episode 1.09 Plaisir d’Amour
Episode 1.10 I Don't Wanna Know
Episode 1.11 To Love Is To Bury
Episode 1.12 You’ll Be The Death Of Me

Episode 2.01 Nothing But The Blood
Episode 2.02 Keep This Party Going
Episode 2.03 Scratches
Episode 2.04 Shake And Fingerpop
Episode 2.05 Never Let Me Go
Episode 2.06 Hard-Hearted Hannah
Episode 2.07 Release Me
Episode 2.08 Timebomb
Episode 2.09 I Will Rise Up
Episode 2.10 New World In My View
Episode 2.11 Frenzy
Episode 2.12 Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Episode 3.01 Bad Blood
Episode 3.02 Beautifully Broken
Episode 3.03 It Hurts Me Too
Episode 3.04 9 Crimes
Episode 3.05 Trouble
Episode 3.06 I Got A Right To Sing The Blues
Episode 3.07 Hitting The Ground
Episode 3.08 Night On The Sun
Episode 3.09 Everything Is Broken
Episode 3.10 I Smell A Rat
Episode 3.11 Fresh Blood
Episode 3.12 Evil Is Going On