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Trials Rising Squirrel collectible locations - where to find all of the hidden awards


I Fell Tower

After a series of platform boosts you'll reach checkpoint 8, where you should stop before you hit the next ramp. Instead, roll backwards down the ramp you're on and you'll drop to a hidden platform below - you may need to adjust your speed and lean position accordingly to land successfully and roll to the Squirrel.

Moto Gladiators

This level actually hides the elusive Diamond Squirrel, but in order to reach it you first need to find all 61 regular Squirrels. To access the area, land on the seesaw after checkpoint 5, then carefully roll back down it to access the lift below. This will take you to an underground area, but after a few jumps you'll be wiped out unless you have 61 Squirrels collected. We'll update this guide with more information when we have it.

One Man's Trash

At checkpoint 11, carefully ride up the ramp ahead then lean forward and bailout through the gap in the track - if you look closely you'll see a neon sign pointed at a squirrel next to it. This will drop you into a pinball-type room, where you need to bounce your way down and aim for the centre towards the bottom where the Squirrel is hovering.

Greek Grapes

After checkpoint 4, you'll ride over the top of a well. On the other side, bailout backwards to launch yourself down the well, where you'll warp to a swimming section. Follow these directions at the junctions you encounter - right, down, right, down, left, down - and you'll find the Squirrel down at the bottom.

Bucharest Breakdown

Slow down when you enter the tunnel and reach checkpoint 8 inside, then carefully drop to the surface below and reverse back under the platform to collect the hidden Squirrel behind the rubbish bags.


After you pass checkpoint 10 and backflip onto the collapsing platform, hold your position then slowly roll backwards to drop down to a girder underneath. Ride forwards to fall through a hole in the floor ahead, where a Squirrel sits on the toilet below.

Finnish Flash

When you ride the lift up beyond checkpoint 11, reverse at the top to land on a platform to the side. Now roll back off that platform to fall down and break the ice in a frozen pool, to find the Squirrel underneath.

Frozen Fjord

At the final set of ramps on this track, you need to bailout high to sail over the finish line marker and reach the top of the Christmas tree where the Squirrel is perched. It can be pretty hard to get enough momentum to make this leap, so you may want to slightly wheelie up the final ramp section then lean forward as you bailout to get some extra height.

We'll be updating this guide shortly with more hidden Squirrel locations, so check back again soon.

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