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Trials Rising Squirrel collectible locations - where to find all of the hidden awards


Beach Bum

At the start of the race, roll backwards then bail out in that direction to try and clear the fence, as the Squirrel is on the other side with a couple of monkeys. This took us a few goes to get the right angle to complete it, so keep trying until you land it.

Grave of Giants

Just after checkpoint 6, hit the next ramp hard then bailout upwards to dislodge the wrecking ball hanging overhead, which will then break you through a pipe to a hidden area below. Push right to ride the fans all the way across to another pipe, which will then eject you to the surface where a Squirrel is waiting.

Balloons Over Bagan

When you reach the first hot air balloon at the start, land on the basket platform and stay on it as the balloon takes to the sky. It will move to the right and you'll see the Squirrel below on a red and black balloon. Jump from the basket when it's suitably close enough to land on top of that balloon and grab it.

Ship It!

At checkpoint 6 where you'd normally ride the container upwards, nudge on top of it to activate the lift then reverse off and drop back down to the ramp below. Ride to where the container was and you'll find a button that opens up the crate ahead, then carefully ride up the ramp to enter it and collect the Squirrel.

Chinese Cliffs

After checkpoint 7, roll up the ramp head slowly to set your front wheel on fire, then reverse back to the cliff edge where you'll ignite the explosives below. Now carefully drop off the cliff backwards, to land on the newly formed ledge below where the Squirrel waits ahead in a cave.

Thousand-Cloud Village

When you pass checkpoint 13 you'll see a giant bell ahead - bailout then grab the bell by holding Triangle/Y and swing back and forth to ring it a few times. With that done, simply complete the rest of the course and the Squirrel will appear near the finish.

Spirit of the Mountain

At checkpoint 5 where you dislodge the boulder, get ahead of it along the bottom path but slow down on the jump so you drop to the lower level under the platform and continue into the water. You can now use your throttle to boost through the water - avoid the mines and continue to the end where you'll be boosted up into the temple, where a Squirrel is sat in a cage.

Wheels of Steel

Beyond checkpoint 11, bailout at the top of the ramp then hold Triangle/Y to grab the chain hanging down and ride it to the top. Then swing side to side to build momentum, leap through the moving press to the next chain, then swing again and jump to grab the Squirrel.

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