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Trials Rising Squirrel collectible locations - where to find all of the hidden awards


True Scotsman

After passing checkpoint 4 and dropping to the ramp below the hanging wooden block, slowly drop off the edge of that ramp to a hidden platform below, where the Squirrel is hiding.

El Tomate

After being flung by the giant tomato launcher and landing at checkpoint 12, stop then roll backwards down the ramp. Hit the explosive barrel when you land at the bottom to break through the boards into the building below, where you'll land on a pile of tomatoes with a Squirrel on top of it.

Lynx World

Just after checkpoint 15, you'll go up a short ramp leading to a wooden platform that springs you forwards. Slow down on it and bail when it launches you, then land your rider on top of the platform and use the shoulder buttons to wriggle underneath it before it closes. You'll fall into a secret room, which houses the hidden Squirrel.

Tilting At Windmills

When you reach checkpoint 4 and ride up the windmill blade, stay on top of it then use it to launch yourself upwards around the point you go past the horizontal position, to nab the hidden Squirrel floating in the air above the windmill blades as they rotate.

Medieval Flair

Right at the start, drop slowly off the edge of the first ramp to land on a platform below. Reverse through the gateway and drop down to collect the next Squirrel.

Below Bucharest

After checkpoint 8, you'll hit a ramp over a sign which then drops you down into the sewers. As you jump over the sign, lean forwards and bail out to launch yourself onto the chute on the opposite side above the sewer entrance. Once you land in the chute, you'll slide down it into a hidden area with the Squirrel.

Nyet Problem

After passing checkpoint 1, slow down over the flaming rocket marked with an X to set yourself on fire. Race on to checkpoint 5 before your bike falls apart, and drop inside the red pipe also marked with an X. You'll be launched into the sky, and sail straight through a Squirrel to collect it.

The Flying Finn

At the start of the race, roll backwards down the short ramp and bail out backwards to clear the wooden pallet. Use a combination of the shoulder triggers to curl up and stretch out, and the grab button to pull yourself along, and after rolling down the cliff you'll find a Squirrel beyond a campfire.

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