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Trials Fusion Hidden Squirrels location guide

[UPDATE--The Empire of the Sky DLC has been added to this guide, so you can earn the Silver Spoon Squirrels Trophy/Achievement]

Finding hidden squirrels has long been a staple of the series and Trials Fusion is no exception, featuring 20 of the mysterious rodents to track down. Some of them can be located by simply bailing off your bike at a particular spot, whereas other require a more convoluted series of actions to reveal the furry miscreants. Grab them all and the Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed Trophy/Achievement can be yours.

Below you'll find video walkthroughs for unlocking every hidden squirrel, and on the following pages we have also have detailed text descriptions of their locations.

Looking for more help? We also have a Trials Fusion Challenges guide.

Table of Contents:

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