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Total Film April Fool goes global

As is the custom, on April 1st we published a story that, well, just wasn't true.

It was all done in good jest of course, and most of you canny readers spotted the fool a mile off... most of you.

Well thanks to one of our Twitter followers , we were made aware this morning that the mainstream Italian media and several Italian news blogs picked up the story as fact - most likely from a European Press Agency - and as of April 9th have been reporting that The Hobbit will indeed be filmed in 4D!

Check out the links below, all filtered through the extremely handy Google translator (ignore the glaring errors, you can still grasp the context), and be glad you weren't fooled! (Or were you?)

Il Repubblica

Il Giornale

TG Com


If ever there were a reminder that scrolling down to read the comments on an article is sometimes very helpful, there it is.

If any of our other international readers have seen this story around the web, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

So did we get you? Or did you spot our fool a mile off? Let us know below!