TimeSplitters 2 on PlayStation Network?

Thursday 31 May 2007
David Doak, ex-Rare coder and co-founder of developer Free Radical, is one of our favourite people. Not only did he star as an undercover mole in the Facility level of N64's Goldeneye, but he was also part of the creative genius that brought us TimeSplitters 2, one of the finest first person shooters ever made. Now we love him even more, after he told us during a recent interview that TimeSplitters would return.

"I'd like to do something revisiting TimeSplitters," Doak told us at last week's Ubidays event, replying to our question about if there'll be another TimeSplitters with a promising "I think there will be, yeh". But, we asked worriedly, would it be more like TS2 than the lame-duck that was TS Future Perfect? "If EA aren't involved," Doak assured us, "then probably yes...".

But Doak also had other, less obvious ideas for the series. "It would have been nice to do something with TimeSplitters on PSP," he offered, explaining that "you could even drop back to Doom controls" to get around PSP's less flexible set up.

Our big ask, though, was if Free Radical could bring TimeSplitters 2 to the PlayStation Network on PS3, where it could be beefed up with online play. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, then follow Doak's advice: "Lobby Sony!". We've got our placards written already.