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This Destiny 2 player turned the weirdest exotic into a rage-inducing artform

One Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) player has committed themselves so fully to the strange Exotic Shotgun called Tractor Cannon that it may be the beginnings of a new martial art. Tractor Cannon's an odd duck among an admittedly weird cast of Exotic Weapons (hello, Rat King (opens in new tab)) because it looks nothing like a shotgun and instead of pulling things, as you'd expect from something with "tractor" in the name, it pushes them. 

Many Crucible maps have open ledges from which careless Guardians can fall and die. There's a shotgun that pushes people. Et voila, Tractor Cannon boop kill montage, courtesy of YouTube user Jake Meador. 

Practically speaking, this isn't what you would call a power build. You're using up your one Exotic gun slot for a power weapon (which all need that special purple ammo), and it isn't even the most killer shotgun out there. No, this build is unconcerned with mere damage potential. It's really about watching your hapless victims soar off into the distance as they struggle, futilely, to boost jump back onto the arena. Preferably as you do that weird chicken dance from Arrested Development. Cha-chee-cha-chee-cha!

Here's my favorite takedown from the whole set. I'm glad the other person had the wherewithal to accept their fate and enjoy the ride into oblivion. You can really get some air with that thing!

If you're struggling just to get kills in the Crucible, let alone make funny themed montages, you should definitely check out our Destiny 2 Crucible tips (opens in new tab).

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