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This amazing Animal Crossing fan-made icon and wallpaper set gives you your very own NookPhone

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Have you ever wished you could transform your smartphone into your very own NookPhone? Well, now you can thanks to an amazing fan-made Animal Crossing icon and wallpaper set. 

Created by artist okpng, the wallpaper and icons can be downloaded from the Gumroad website. You can get the neat designs for free with the option to give a tip to show your appreciation if you would like to. 

The set transforms your home screen into your very own NookPhone by recreating icons for the in-game apps such as the camera, NookShop, map, DIY Recipes, and the Call Islander app which you can use to invite your friends to your island. The creative icons have Android and iOS versions, so you can download them on either smartphone device operating systems. 

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The iOS version makes use of the latest iOS 14 update, which lets you customise all of your icons. Handily on the Gumroad page for the designs, there's a helpful tutorial on how to set it all up to look like a NookPhone with a link to a YouTube video from imAnnaMolly. For Android users, the page also details that you can set it up using the Nova Launcher app to customize your home screen, with a video on Twitter from okpng demonstrating how to do it. 

Complete with a replica wallpaper that looks just like the background you see when you interact with your little phone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the adorable set is probably the closest we'll get to having a NookPhone in real life. Fans have already been posting about transforming their phones using the icons on Reddit, and it just looks so good. 

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