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Thimbleweed Park walkthrough and puzzle solutions guide

Part Seven - The Madness

After the cutscene, go down the ladder as Delores and you’ll come to a room that has killer robots blocking the corridor. To get past the SR-01 robots, you’ll need to reprogram them.

Walk up to the panel on the side of the computers and open it up. Look inside to view the circuitry and back out of the menu once again. Delores will mention that she needs a book to reprogram the machines. This is located in the library at the mansion. Go there and use the IndexTron 3000 to find the book. Collect it, and then return to the open panel at the factory.

Use the instructions in the book to match the different coloured objects on the board to their correct coordinates. This will remove the robots, clearing the hallway.

Walk through the corridors of the factory to the back office and unlock it with the offiss key. Once inside, pick up the hat, as well as the glass, and the journal. Then use the floppy disk you got with Ransome on the computer.

After the cutscene involving Uncle Chuck is over, you’ll need to find out his password to be able to use the computer again. It’s in the safe in his bedroom that requires a fingerprint. Go to the mansion and collect some soot from the fireplace and give it to an agent to use with the fingerprint kit. They’ll now be able to use the kit on the glass from Uncle Chuck’s office to reveal a fingerprint. Go grab some sticky tape from the post office and use it on the glass to get the print. Give this to Delores.

She can now open the safe in the bedroom to get the book of passwords that contains the one for the office. Remember the correct password from the book and input it into the computer when prompted. You should be able to access a bunch of different areas in a directory. Here’s where the hint guide that you got from the convention comes in handy.

Give the hintbook to Delores and use the red gel decoder on it to reveal all of the text. Memorise the directions and then head to the computer and select Adventure (Chuck Mod). Play the game and follow the directions you have memorised. When it gives you the prompt, enter the word included in the book to crash the computer. Uncle Chuck will lock you in the factory as a result.

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