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"They should’ve kept Ron Perlman" – Not everyone is happy with the new Hellboy trailer

How about that new Hellboy trailer, then? For many, it confused and amused in equal parts, but the underlying feeling is that we could’ve got something a little more… Hellboy-ish. Having said that, the people of Twitter have united over a couple of creative choices, with David Harbour’s portrayal as the world-ending demon getting some love. Are you ready to dive into the depths of the internet? Here are some of the best Hellboy trailer reactions…

How's Harbour as Hellboy?

Despite the Ron Perlman-sized elephant in the room (we’ll get to that in a moment), Stranger Things’ David Harbour’s performance has got a mixed reaction. Some people liked the humour and will, frankly, watch anything Detective Hopper is in, while others felt that he’s caked in too much prosthetics.

Clutching at Perlmans

I get it. It can be hard to say goodbye to such a beloved character, especially one played as expertly as Ron Perlman did in the first two Hellboy movies. But the choice of a reboot gives the series a fresh start. Still, everyone is still pining for Perlman.

A comedy of errors

Now, about that tone. If you were expecting a darker, grittier Hellboy on par with Guillermo del Toro’s efforts then you may be surprised to see it go in a completely lighter direction. The comparisons to Deadpool and Thor: Ragnarok aren’t too far off the mark, all told. If that’s your bag: cool. For many, though, they can’t shake the feeling that it’s going to be more goofy than great.

Is that... Big Mo?

Here’s a niche one for all the Brits out there. No, you’re not going crazy, that is soap legend Laila Morse (AKA Big Mo from EastEnders) shooting up a fish and chip shop in what might be the most British thing ever committed to film. It’s got a few soap addicts wanting day one tickets – which is something I never thought I’d see.

Everyone (not so secretly) wants Hellboy 3

Ah. Here’s the big problem. I think, no matter how good or bad the Hellboy trailer is, the loyal fans of GDT’s series were always going to feel like they’ve been smacked in the face by the big red demon’s even bigger red fist. Hellboy 3 isn’t happening, guys. Time to get over it?

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