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These consoles are fake!

Part deadly blunt weapon, all hideous design. Built like the proverbial brick shit house, this attempted Xbox looks more suited to weight lifters than weedy gamers.

Fake Gamecube

Inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP, this fictional Cube looks like it's been flattened in a car crusher. And how the hell are we supposed to use it as an impromptu weapon without the beloved handle on the back?

Nintendo genuinely should put the boys from Gizmodo on the payroll. The layout of this portable Cube is amazing, combining two of our favourite sticks ever. Excuse us for a second. We need some alone time.

Fake Sega Phoenix

This couldn't be anymore of a sloppy kiss to Sega fanboys, save if the picture above had the Phoenix lovingly straddling an aroused Sonic. Cooked up by devoted Sega fans in 2005, the console was rumoured to come equipped with a 120gb hard-drive.

Fake PlayStation

We were always taught if we couldn't say something nice, then don't say anyt... ah, screw that. This fake PS1 looks cack.

Perhaps the worst fake we've ever seen. Not only does it look like something a mentally-challenged Mattel employee would design, the bloody lid would never shut. Pure pap in PlayStation form.

Modded N64 handheld

Granted, you'd need a back pocket the size of an aircraft hanger to house this thing in your jeans, but we'd still buy this guy's working N64 mod. After all, we could never say no to our beloved 64bit console.

The Sony Foreman grill

We sincerely doubt old George would ever give his coveted seal of approval to this. There would be too many bits of cell chip in the sausage meat for starters

June 24, 2009

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