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Yennefer and Ciri actors reveal who they think will be the Baby Yoda of The Witcher Netflix series

The Witcher
(Image credit: Netflix)

Unless you’ve been living under a space rock for the past eight weeks, you’ll probably know about Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. The lean, green, money-making machine has captured hearts and imaginations in a galaxy far, far away – and his mainstream popularity has even spread to those asking about The Witcher Netflix series.

So, does the fantasy adventure have its own version of Baby Yoda? Yennefer and Ciri actors Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan have revealed who they think might take up the meme mantle from their own show.

“I feel like Joey [Batey] as Jaskier,” Allan says when asked at a recent roundtable about whether anything from The Witcher will go viral like Baby Yoda or the Direwolves from Game of Thrones. Chalotra also backs the foppish bard to be a fan favourite: “It will be Joey, I think.”

Allan has another character in mind one that, like Baby Yoda, doesn’t say anything yet is utterly adorable all the same: “Roach! Roach, of course. It’ll be Roach. Roach is like the Direwolves, I guess.” “His silence says everything,” Chalotra adds.

The Ciri actor also teased her castmate about her own connection to Baby Yoda, telling the gathered journalists: “Google 'Anya and Baby Yoda,' please,” which Chalotra calls “hugely embarrassing.” Why? No shaming here, but it appears someone has got their long-running franchises mixed up.

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