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The Walking Dead season 11 return date: when are new episodes airing?

Negan in The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead returned to our screens earlier this year for a brief time and now it's gone again. What gives? The show's on-again, off-again flirtation with airing new episodes has subsided for now after a stop-start tenth season. All eyes, suddenly, are on The Walking Dead season 11 (AKA the show's final season). 

It's now got a definitive return date for one thing (and slightly earlier than usual to boot), as well as an extended run of episodes. That means you probably have questions about the roadmap for the show's future and what it means if you want to tune in to The Walking Dead's endgame.

Don't worry, we're here to answer any lingering doubts before The Walking Dead shambles off into the sunset. Here's our guide to The Walking Dead season 11 release date.

The Walking Dead return date: when is season 11 airing?

The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead season 11 returns to our screens on Sunday, August 22 on AMC. It's not yet known if, like the previous two seasons, you can watch episodes early through AMC Plus. The UK is likely to get the season 11 premiere a day later on Monday, August 23 through FOX.

That's a marked change from the show's traditional home of late October. That's owing to the fact that The Walking Dead season 11 will consist of 24 episodes. The first half is expected to air until early November 2021 with the second half to follow in 2022.

The Walking Dead season 11 release schedule

The Walking Dead

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Fans of The Walking Dead will be no stranger to the show's split seasons by now. It's (probably) going to be the same again this time, with the first 12 episodes airing in 2021 and the latter half airing in 2022. It'll look a little something like this.

  • The Walking Dead season 11A (August 22-TBA 2021)
  • The Walking Dead season 11B (2022)

Then, it's the end. Kinda. While the finale of the mainline show is set for 2022, several stories will still continue. The Walking Dead movies are still in the works, while a Carol and Daryl spin-off is coming in 2023. Then, there's Tales of The Walking Dead, a new anthology show diving deep into the stories behind some of our favorite characters.

Until August, catch up on the show's glory years with the best Walking Dead episodes.

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