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Avengers Infinity War trailer confirmed for tomorrow - watch a teaser now

Update: It's official, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is arriving tomorrow, November 29. Marvel confirmed the impending, sure-to-be-Earth-rattling first look at the highly-anticipated film with a compilation of YouTube reaction videos to previous MCU movies before simply stating "tomorrow." 

You hear that? Tomorrow. Be ready.

Original story: You wait weeks and weeks for something to drop and then it gets teased with all the subtlety of a Hulk smash. Mark Ruffalo and Avengers: Infinity War directors are doing their level best to let us know the trailer is probably (ok, definitely) going to hit this week.

Exhibit A: The Russo Brothers took to Instagram to reveal… a massive cartoon number 3. Without wanting to get my big board of crackpot theories out, 3 could mean Avengers 3, something arriving three days after the post (on Sunday) or even December 3rd. Either way, all signs point to the trailer dropping this week.

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Exhibit B: Mark Ruffalo. He loves a slip of the tongue, doesn’t he? Or in this case, keyboard. He’s already said probably one thing too many about who might be in Avengers: Infinity War and now he simply says “Something big is coming.” You don’t need to be Bruce Banner to figure out what that means.

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Exhibit C: The Vanity Fair cover story. Publicity doesn’t normally get whipped up in such a big way unless, as Ruffalo says, something big is coming. We’ve seen the characters, we’ve heard about Marvel having 20 movies in the pipeline and now, more immediately, we’re waiting for the trailer. It’s no coincidence, too, that Star Wars: The Last Jedi got a few big glossy mag features right around the time of its trailers.

TL;DR? The Avengers: Infinity War trailer is 99.9% hitting this week. If I’m wrong, feel sure to laugh at me on Twitter while I sob in the corner.

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