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TalkRadar 82 - Let's chomp!

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The Topics

Top 7... Games based on books
The written word, made more betterer by gamification.

The 2009 Platinum Chalice Awards
We tell it like it is.

Zelda Movie: The Hero of Time
Drama! Suspense! Wigs! Acting! All of that and more in the latest fan-made "pretty nice try."

Question of the Week
What's YOUR game of the year? Answer in the forums and we just might read your answer on the show!

In the office

Above: What the hell is Brett doing? You know, other than preparing to drop his headset and interrupt everyone with an ear-splitting cacophony

Above:Tyler Nagata bought Dan Amrich's old Neo Geo, and is now that kid whose house everyone wants to hang out at after school. Don't mind if we do...

Above: Booze! CoolBowling sent us this bottle of Crown Royal, which we'lluse tobring in2010when TalkRadar continues. You're a hero!

Above: How the hell did Chris'Christmas cartoon obsessionwork its way into the cast? And, for that matter, Solitaire? Listen to find out!

In the community

Above: We say Paul of Duty, Aeshir delivers

Above: A burrito in a flood, courtesy of enlargedhousecats

Head to theforumsand join the T-Dar community or die cold and alone.

Post date: December 18, 2009
T-Dar81 length: 2:13:26
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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