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Super rugged PS3 designed for use in Afghanistan

Enter Ben Heckendorn, better known by his online handle Ben Heck, a renowned game modder. Known for taking out chunks of gaming consoles and putting them back in all sorts of contraptions, Heck received personal requests from two civilian pilots in Afghanistan. Erica and Kris Kokkeby wanted him to create a PS3 that could withstand the most dangerous of situations.

Heck lept at the opportunity. Hebuilt a PS3 completely encased inside an iM2600 Pelican Storm Case, an extremely durable storage box that has received military-grade certification.

Heck featured the incredibly bulky PS3 on his online video series The Ben Heck Show.

"The Kokkebys, as well as our military servicemen and women, sacrifice so much for our country. The least I could do was build a portable video game console that allows them to enjoy gaming with their avid-gamer friends serving in the military, no matter where they are in the world," said Heck.

As for us, we'll stick to our nice, compact PS3 Slim systems. Although, if you really want a sturdy little gaming platform, you could never go wrong with the original Game Boy. That thing was strong enough to live throughGulf War bombings. They just don't make game systems like they used to... that is, apparently, with the exception of Ben Heck.

Dec 21, 2010