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Astounding Super Mario Maker level is a functioning calculator

Think you’ve seen it all after Super Mario Maker's various remixes, re-creations, rollercoaster rides, riddles, and death gauntlets? Well, how about a level that can do math? "The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator" can add together two numbers between 0 and 7 and display the sum, all thanks to what I assume is straight-up witchcraft.

A demonstration video is embedded below, but since it doesn't have any sound, do me a favor and click this link first so you have some appropriate music:

Despite the "witchcraft" accusation I tossed up there, the construction of the level is actually fairly simple. Er, from an engineering standpoint. The level converts the numbers chosen to binary, and from there, operates based on "and," "or," and "not" logic functions. You can see a zoomed out map of the level below (as well as on Imgur, so you can see it in full resolution), and a Reddit thread by user Helgefan explains the whole process in brain-hurting detail.

If you want to experience the Cluttered Chaos-Calculator for yourself, the level code is 705C-0000-01B3-FE78.

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Sam Prell
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