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Star Wars Battlefront fixes insta-60 levelling glitch & crashes from Outer Rim update

Along with new maps and modes, Star Wars Battlefront's Outer Rim update introduced an unexpected "feature": automatically leveling player accounts up to 60, the new cap. Great if you don't have the time to grind through a new set of levels to unlock stuff, not so great if you don't like restarting your game frequently - since many of those same players also reported that the game would freeze at the end of every match when it tried to tally up their XP.

Developer DICE rolled out a hotfix on Thursday morning to reset rank stats for affected players, which means no more insta-60 and hopefully no more crashes either. Though the Outer Rim expansion requires a separate purchase, the accompanying update - which increased the level cap and added Hutt contracts, among other changes - is free for all players.

Being the biggest update for Star Wars Battlefront thus far, I'm not surprised that it came with a few bugs (though it looks like there are still several more problems to address). Hopefully this was just a case of early jitters and the Bespin expansion planned for over the summer will go more smoothly.

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Connor Sheridan
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