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Meet Star Wars Battlefront's playable aliens

Fight hard enough in Star Wars Battlefront and you can emerge from your human-shaped cocoon as a beautiful Ishi Tib. A video posted to the PlayStation Twitter account shows some of the many unlockable customization options in Star Wars Battlefront, giving you a quick census of the enticingly diverse Rebel forces.

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All of these customization options are purely cosmetic (don't expect to do bonus damage for shooting off a Twi'lek's head tails). As you might expect from the human-supremacist Empire, the stormtrooper ranks won't be quite so inclusive. At least they can earn the right to take off their helmets.

If you're looking for more crunchy gameplay details, you'll want to check out our rundown of all Star Wars Battlefront's weapons, Star Cards, traits, and power-ups. For further strategery, watch this tour of planets and game modes before Battlefront is released on November 17 in North America and November 19 in Europe.

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