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Sony Japan lost all its 20th Anniversary PS4 winners

Not the actual people, that would be weird. Instead, it’s accidentally erased all the entries before picking a winner. Bearing in mind just how in demand those PS1 styled anniversary PS4s are, it’s hard to imagine all the people involved being hugely happy.

The anniversary PS4’s were part of a limited run, with only around 12,300 numbered consoles made. Various amounts were supplied to different countries for auctions and competitions (we even gave one away). Sony Japan’s compo involved a 10-digit code inside a promotional desk calendar given away if you bought a PS4, PS3 or Vita between December 4 and January 15. Using the code, you were able to submit your details for a chance to win one of the coveted grey PlayStation 4s.

Somehow, all that information has been “accidentally erased”. Sony isn't saying how, only that attempts to try to get the info back has “led to the conclusion that it is technically impossible,” (it also adds that no personal info was leaked because, you know, it’s never living that down). According to a translation via Kotaku UK, Sony offers, “our deepest apologies for the trouble we have caused to those who entered the previous campaign.”

As a result, the only solution seems to be for everyone to enter again. There’s one small problem though: what if you threw away the little promo calendar with the competition code on it? If that’s the case says Sony, then you can enter using the serial number of the PS4, PS3 or Vita you bought to get the calendar in the first place.