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"So much fun I almost can’t take it" – The first reactions to Thor: Ragnarok are in

Thor: Ragnarok is just around the corner and, would you look at that, the first press reaction embargo has been lifted. Reviews are to come at a later date but, as we all know from awkward parties, first impressions count. Has the movie captured lightning in a bottle or has Thor continued his streak of being in slightly disappointing Marvel flicks? Let’s find out…

From Jeff Goldblum to Hulk, the movie is filled with box-office smashes so you’d think it wouldn’t disappoint, right? Thankfully, that looks to be the case. The critics are loving the movie – and are here for Tessa Thompson’s star turn at Valkyrie. And Jeff Goldblum, of course.

The weirdest MCU movie yet?

Goldblum steals the show

...or does Cate Blanchett?

Or Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie?

Wait, maybe it's Hulk? THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD

Thor brings the funny

Image: Marvel

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