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Smart Glass is going to be in every single first-party Xbox 360 game. 'Better with Smart Glass'?

Kinect may have been subliminally woven into every facet of Microsoft's E3 2012 press conference, but it's not the only feature that's seemingly omnipresent in the Xbox's future. Speaking to Joystiq, Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, confirmed that Microsoft Game Studios will be incorporating Smart Glass into every game it releases after the service launches this autumn. 'Better with Kinect and Smart Glass', perhaps?

In case by some miracle of ignorance you completely missed E3 this year, Smart Glass is a feature that connects the 'phone or tablet you already own' (assuming you do actually own one) to your Xbox 360, allowing you to browse extra information about TV and movies and see extra game information on your iPad or Android device as you play.

Above: A video showing how you could conceivably control Madden on a tablet device

You could argue it's a method of copying Nintendo's Wii U Game Pad without actually investing money in creating new hardware, but that would be a very cynical way of looking at what could be an interesting and worthwhile feature. Even if it does end up benefiting Nintendo more than it does Microsoft.

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