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Sly News 2: Rambo 4 gets a title!

Okay, let’s be fair to him – Sylvester Stallone has tried to do the indie thing... He gave us his best Brando in Copland and shame on all of us, we weren’t that interested. So, with a free bus pass in the post, he’s decided to get back to what he does best… kickin’ some bee-hind!

Rambo IV: In The Serpent’s Eye is set to slide into production as early as January next year, working from a script scribbled by Sly himself. Production Weekly managed to nab the low-down on the next adventure for the shaggy-maned Vietnam vet.

The tale sees John J quietly tucked away in Bangkok, fixing old boats and no doubt muttering ‘my war is over’ whenever anyone so much as asks him for change of a ten baht note.

Then, when a load of aid workers are kidnapped in Burma, someone needs to lead the group of mercenaries in to get them out… go on, guess who steps up – we’ll give you three guesses…

Source: ( Production Weekly )