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SFX Welcomes New Editorial Assistant

Greetings from the new recruit..

Arriving via the birthing pods at Hillingdon Hospital in 1983, I was classified a humanoid male and immediately began my assimilation into Earth culture. Thanks to the short attention span of older relatives, I inherited an extensive collection of Star Wars toys and spent my formative years targeting imaginary womp rats and endlessly re-watching worn out VHS tapes of a trilogy that was to form the basis of my life philosophy (never take a risk on a malfunctioning escape pod).

Eschewing educational convention, my school years were spent brandishing a replica Sword of Omens, pondering the possibility of meaningful dialogue with Skeletor and intensely studying Romulan mythology. A chance encounter with Wyrd Sisters at the age of ten quickly snowballed into an all consuming obsession with Terry Pratchett and far too many lost hours on the Discworld MUD becoming a rubbish assassin. Pratchett aside, I’m also the proud owner of a hand typed early draft of Robert Rankin’s The Antipope and a card carrying Potter fan.

Selected at an early age by the Guardians of the Universe to write about comics for the inhabitants of sector 2814, I’ve had many years training in the fine arts of DC and Marvel that I will be pouring into Comic Heroes, and thanks to an irrational fear of the outdoors and overdeveloped thumbs I make a mighty fine Master Chief. I currently live in Oxford with my girlfriend and our cat, George Tiberius, where we mainly spend our time preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Alongside taking charge of the refreshments department (tea division), I’ll be writing for everything that carries the proud SFX banner, from our glorious website to the magazine itself, special editions and the mighty Comic Heroes.

I’ll be seeing you around Facebook, Twitter and the forums, so do say hello. Until then, stay sharp!