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SFX A To Z Of Horror Edition With Free DVD

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The new SFX special edition is almost upon us! And this time around it's all about the wonderful world of horror – or to be more precise, an A to Z of horror!

Before you even get to the magazine we've got a truckload (note: must be a small truck) of fantastic free gifts. For starters there's a DVD featuring two of the very best episodes of top quality fright series Masters Of Horror : John Carpenter's "Cigarette Burns" and Dario Argento's "Pelts". That's two hours of blood, gore and shocks (and sorry kids, but it's meant we had to stick an 18 certificate on this special).

You'll also get five original, collectable postcards featuring The Shining , an SFX exclusive sticker sheet (ideal for coffins!) and a giant, double-sided poster featuring iconic images from the fabulous American Horror Story . We reckon it's our best selection of giveaways ever.

“But what's in the magazine?” you cry. Try this lot for starters:

• Everything you could possibly want to know (or not) about The Human Centipede

• A love letter to Joss Whedon's The Cabin In The Woods

• A gory history of cannibal films

• Masses of reviews and interviews centering around favourite franchises like Friday The 13th , Halloween , Hellraiser , Saw , Scream, Paranormal Activity and Final Destination

• An in-depth interview with a top BBFC examiner

• Piranha 3DD as you've never seen it before

• Dario Argento interviewed about his new film and his old classics

• Twilight 's MyAnna Buring profiled

• Mark Gatiss talks about his new BBC show on European horror; season three secrets of The Walking Dead

• The nastiest movies ever (NOT the ones you think)

• Ozploitation

• Anthology movies

• The glory days of the X certificate

And much, MUCH more! (Including religion, Shakespeare and politics, but we better not mention that... Oops!)

The SFX A-Z Of Horror is available for two months from Tuesday 18 September, priced £7.99.