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See Author Paul Cornell In Bath This Month

Doctor Who and Marvel writer Paul Cornell launches his new novel London Falling this month and you can see him on 12 December

"It'll be great to show off my novel in a city I still have a great fondness for, hopefully to some familiar faces." Yes, former SFX columnist Paul Cornell is returning to the city of Bath on Wednesday 12 December to meet readers at Topping %26 Company bookstore . The reason? His brand new urban fantasy book, London Falling , hits shelves this month!

London Falling tells the story of an undercover police team who find themselves having to use modern crime detection methods to solve a paranormal case. When Detective Inspector James Quill's squad start to see London’s sinister magic for themselves, they choose to hunt the supernatural force the only way they know how: using police methods, equipment and tactics. And the author is already receiving praise: "Russell T Davies sent me a brilliant email, going in depth into all sorts of aspects of the plot, being extraordinarily kind about it. I was bowled over by how much he'd enjoyed it," he tells us.

Cornell is no stranger to book signings, talks and readings. So why is the London Falling tour so special to him? " London Falling is, for me, an ambition achieved," he told us. "I've always wanted to get back to being a novelist, and LF is not only my first urban fantasy, but the first book I've written that I think really brings the voice I did so well with in my Doctor Who work to a mainstream fantasy audience. It's a very satisfying book for me. So the tour is special because this is my most important work."

Visit the Topping & Company site here , Paul Cornell's blog here and London Falling 's Amazon listing here . Read a full interview with him plus an extract from London Falling in SFX issue 229 , available now.

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