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Save $150 on an Xbox One and Far Cry 5 before this deal ends in a few hours

An illustration of the Xbox One X and Far Cry 5 bundle.

Read through our Far Cry 5 review and you're thinking about picking it up? Sounds good - but why stop at just getting a brand new game when you could get a fancy new console to play it on? A limited-time bundle deal will save you $150 on the standard price for an Xbox One X and Far Cry 5, letting you appreciate the beautiful Montanan wilderness in 4K resolution. The offer from eBay electronics seller Antonline is normally $459.99 once you add it to your cart, but you can save another $50 by entering promo code PREPSPRING from 1pm to 8pm on Tuesday, March 27.

Xbox One X with Far Cry 5 for $150 off (final price $409.99) with promo code PREPSPRING.

Xbox One X with Far Cry 5 for $150 off (final price $409.99) with promo code PREPSPRING. Far Cry 5, a brand new shooter, will make a perfect demonstration for your powerful Xbox One X console. Take in beautiful 4K vistas and blow up half the countryside while you're at it in this super-saver of a bundle deal.

Remember back when you had to wait months to save on big games bundled up with consoles? Not any more! Far Cry 5 literally came out today! And don't forget that every Xbox One X comes with a 30-day trial of Xbox Game Pass, which includes full access to Sea of Thieves.

Even if you don't place your order on time to use the promo code, you'll still get Far Cry 5 for free in addition to saving $40 off the normal price of an Xbox One X. But better to save extra money if you can, right? Use that promo code while it lasts - it's good for everything else on eBay too!

For more stuff to play on your splendid new console, consult our list of every Xbox One X enhanced game. And your wilderness adventures will look all the sweeter if you grab one of the best 4K TVs for gaming.

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