Rogue Warrior first shots

Friday 27 October 2006
After yesterday's announcement of Rogue Warrior on 360, publisher Bethesda has confirmed that its covert-ops shooter is also scheduled to appear on both PS3 and PC next autumn.

Based on the book Rogue Warrior by the modest ex-SEAL Richard Marcinko, you play a super soldier SEAL - who also happens to be named Richard Marcinko - who is sent on a covert mission inside the not-at-all-made-up rogue state of North Korea. And when the cold war between the two Koreas goes hot, it is your job to turn up the heat on Kim Jong-il.

Above: The developer is promising some seriously advanced AI for both friends and enemies

Using Unreal 3 technology to stream in the environments, developer Zombie Studios plans to create vast continuous levels where each battle will evolve as your team sneaks through the world, rather than revolve around set-piece attacks and scripted events.

And to mark it out from the host of other next-gen, squad-commanding, North Korea-invading, shooters based on spy-books, Bethesda is promising to create 10 gameplay modes, including a cooperative campaign option where up to four players can leave or join a mission at any stage.

And while you're waiting for all three versions to be released next year, head up to the image tab above to enjoy two more screens of Rogue Warrior in action.