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Resident Evil 5 will hit screens September 2012

resident evil

Milla Jovovich’s critically-savaged but mind-bogglingly successful Resident Evil movie series is set to continue with a fifth videogame inspired mash-up next year.

And now the new film, titled simply Resident Evil 5 for the time being (though you can bet they’ll add a superlative subtitle soon), has been given a release date of 14 September, 2012.

Though pretty much all of the Evil films have been panned upon release, the most recent entry grossed $300m at the box office. Which of course means more will be made.

Jovovich will return as the bum-kicking star, and has been looking for ideas from the fans for how to continue the story – in “eye-gouging 3D”.

How about - Alice becomes addicted to futuristic, high-fat fast food manufactured by an evil corporation, gets seriously obese, decides to throw the 'action heroine' towel in?